6 Ancient Greek Vases Animated

The red-figure and black-figure ancient Greek vases reflect only a moment in time, but they almost always tell a whole story.

Would it not be interesting to be able to watch, in a cinematic way, before and after these moments?

The Ure Museum of Greek Archeology at the University of Reading carried out the genius program “Panoply” in order to stimulate the interest of the students for the ancient Greek civilization, utilizing the collection of ancient Greek vases.

The result of the program was the production of a series of short animated films with stories in a children-inspired script.

Steven K. Simons, who was involved in the animation, and Sonya Nevin, who contributed with her knowledge of ancient Greek culture, were managing the project. The music that is heard in some of them is by Stefan Hagel, a musician and specialist researcher of the ancient Greek music of the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture in Vienna.

Created for the Panoply Vase Animation Project, here are some of these stories, we are sure you will enjoy.

The ancient Greek world will live in front of you in a totally exciting way!

Clash of the Dicers



Dance off



To watch more videos of animated ancient Greek vases, Visit http://www.panoply.org.uk/

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