9 great Socrates’ Sayings that look like made for today’s Entrepreneurship

Socrates is a Greek philosopher who has left his own mark in the history of mankind. He is one of the most important personalities of the Greek and global spirit.

Without mentioning historical facts and information about Socrates in this article, we will look at things from another perspective. We will list a number of Socrates’ sayings, which, although they have been said many years ago, they seem to be made for today’s entrepreneurship.
It is no coincidence that many of the great business figures, analysts and media, even today, are referring to some of Socrates’ words to support their view.

Here are 9 great sayings of the philosopher which every entrepreneur may need to know:


1. Life is not worth when it is not dedicated to a purpose
2. Great minds discuss ideas, moderate minds discuss events, and weak minds discuss others
3. He who is not happy with what he has, will not be happy even with what he would like to have
4. The principle of wisdom is search
5. Education is the lighting of the flame, not the filling of a jar
6. The secret of change is to concentrate all your energy, not on how to fight the old, but in the construction of the new
7. Prefer knowledge from wealth because wealth is transient while knowledge is everlasting
8. Understanding the question is half the answer
9. To exist means to act

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  • Apostolos

    Great article!
    We should always be reminded of these principles.
    Now excuse me I have to gossip a little bit.

  • Alice

    So very true!!

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