11 things Aristotle taught us about Life

Aristotle is one of the most important Ancient Greek philosophers who taught us many important lessons in subjects such as science, logic, ethics, poetry, theater, metaphysics, and about life in general. He lived to share his knowledge and had many students during his lifetime.

Here we have collected some extracts of his teaching from the most famous to the most important ones and we share them with you to inspire your life.

The 11 lessons we take for life from Aristotle:


1. Discover Your Friends and Keep Them Close to You

“No one would want to live without friends, even if he had everything else.”
“The desire for friendship is quick, but friendship is a fruit that matures slowly.”
“My best friend is the person who, when he wishes for me to be fine, does it for my sake.”
“A close friend is “a second self “, someone with whom your own sense of self is really connected.”
“Friendship is a soul living in two bodies.”
“Unhappiness reveals those who are not really friends.”
“The antidote for fifty enemies is a friend.”

2. Honesty is the Best Diplomacy, Have it Greatly Appraised

“The minimum initial deviation from the truth is then multiplied thousands of times.”
“Everyone should do the right thing, not what he sees from others.”
“Let your appreciation for your friends be honest and sincere.”
“No one believes a liar when he says a truth.”

3. Never cease learning New Things at whatever Phase your Life is

“Education is Very important for old age.”
“The educated differ from the uneducated as the living from the dead.”
“All people by their nature desire knowledge.”
“When Educating the mind without training the heart, we fail in everything.”
“Those who give good education to children must be honored more than those who gave birth to them, because their parents only gave them life, but educators taught the art of well-being.”
“It is in the nature of people to learn.”

4. The Art of Writing is Beautiful

“Poetry is more exquisite and more philosophical than history because poetry expresses the universal, while history is just something specific.”
“Poetry requires a person with a special talent to serve it, or someone quite crazy about it.”
“The good writer is expressed as a common man, but he thinks like the wise.”
“The purpose of art is not to describe the external appearance of things, but their inner meaning.”

5. One of the Biggest Achievements in Life is Self-understanding

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
“He who overcomes his fears is truly free.”
“I find more courageous him who overcomes his desires than he who defeats his enemies, for the most difficult victory is against the evil self.”
“The inevitable war must end with the consolidation of peace.”

6. To Achieve Any Thing in Life, there must be the Power of Will

“Through Discipline comes Freedom.”
“The Nature of Desire does not know boundaries, and the satisfaction of this Unlimited Desire is for the many the Purpose of Life.”
“We are what we do repeatedly. Therefore, Excellence is not an act but a habit.”
“The Excellent never happens accidentally. It comes after our own pursuit, Honest Effort, and Smart Actions. It represents the Wise Choice among many alternatives. Our Choices and not Fortune determine our Destiny.”
“The Best Option is the one that helps us Achieve our Goals more quickly.”
“I prefer what is unlikely, but it may happen, than the possible that is impossible to happen.”
“The things we have to do after learning them, we learn them by doing them.”

7. Joy and Fun Should Be in Life to Keep us Healthy

“The secret for joy is Surprise.”
“Jokes are also pleasant to the gods.”
“Life is Comedy for those who Think and Tragedy for those who Feel.”

8. Many Times, Most Mischievous People Have The Best Ideas

“Genius is mixed with Insanity.”
“There is no Genius without the touch of Madness.”

9. Fear offers us Nothing than keeping us back

“The weak obey from Fear, while the mighty from Love.”
“Fear is pain that arises from the anticipation of evil.”
“What I accomplished with Philosophy was to do with my Will what others do because they fear the law.”
“Hope is the dream of an awakened person.”

10. Take Control of Life in Your Hands and Choose the Virtues You Want to Have

“People create Gods in their image, not only regarding their form but also in their way of life.”
“Happiness belongs to the Self-Sufficient.”
“Happiness is the sediment that sits at the most appropriate place in the Soul.”
“A certain Virtue requires a specific way to be acquired.”
“The Energy of the Mind is the Essence of Life.”
“We must not be cowardly or reckless, but courageous.”
“There is only one way to avoid criticism … Do nothing, Say anything, Be nothing …”
“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.”
“Dignity does not consist in having prices, but in deserving them.”

11. Do not underestimate the Power of Darkness

“It’s our Darkest Moments, we have to focus on, in order to see the Light.”
“We cannot learn without pain”.

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