14 useful Sayings of Heraclitus

“I explored myself,” says Heraclitus, who was not anyone’s student.

He seeked the truth about life deeply in his mind, carefully examined the data given to him by his five senses, and recorded his findings in his own particular way that does not remind of anyone else.

Because of lack of knowledge about his entire work -as little has survived-, and also because of the enigmatic nature of his philosophy, he is called “Dark Philosopher”.

Heraclitus is known for the idea of constant change that governs the universe as a law. His is the phrase “No one can enter the same river twice”.

He believed that the world was created by the “fire”, the opposition and the war between the opposites, to which he adds: “the opposite directions have a unity – from the opposite, the most beautiful harmony is born”.

Let’s have a look at 14 useful sayings of Heraclitus written by historians:


The sun is new every day.
The hidden harmony is stronger than the obvious.
From the opposite the most beautiful harmony is born.
The way up, and the way down, is one and the same.
Ethic for man is his patron god.
More than the fire one must put out conceit.
Erudition does not teach the deeper understanding of things.
We should not act and talk like those who are asleep.
The fool loses his courage in front of every sequence of thoughts.
It is better to hide one’s ignorance than to put it on the assembly.
For me, one equals thousands, if he is excellent.
Peoples must fight for the laws as for their walls.
For those awake the world is one and common.
If one does not hope, he will not find the unexpected …

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